School starts September 2nd 2014

Just in case you’re new to the district or your child has somehow convinced you otherwise: classes start on Tuesday, September 2nd.  9th graders should be at the school for the 7:35 am Freshmen Orientation, and all other grades should show up in time for a 10:35 am Block 1.  There’s a PDF if you want the full details.

If you’re Type A and want the school calendar (with sport events and such) to show up on your gizmo, please follow links on this page. There’s also a printable PDF overview for the school year.

If you are a parent dropping off (or picking up) your child, please use the entrance on Providence Road. 

Links to the school welcome letter (Aug 6th) and all the referenced forms are at

Strath Haven High School Brookhaven entrance

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Place an ad in the Strath Haven High School student directory!


2012-2013 Directory

If you have a local organization or business to promote, do it in the SHHS 2014-2015 student directory by placing an ad.  The directory is a popular resource for local families and gets saved for years if not decades — your ad would get seen by thousands of parents and students in the area.  If you’re on board, just download the form (shhs-directory-ad-form-2014) and mail it and your check to Jacki O’Connell (address on form).  You can send digital artwork/copy to Jacki (the Home and School Association parent volunteer in charge of ad sales) at  You can also email her any questions, so if you are on the fence, just pop her a note.  More details.  Thanks in advance!

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Strath Haven High School needs a new sign, badly

Strath Haven High School has two signs along Providence Road, and once upon a time they were cutting edge — they had light bulbs inside!  But now they are dark at night and the plastic has weathered into a nasty beige.  More importantly, the lettering is a complete pain to change when it’s 10 °F and snowing.  As you probably noticed, most schools went to digital signs years ago, and it’s probably time for us to make the switch, too.  Really, folks, it’s embarrassing.  Perhaps a solar powered LED sign?  Here are some examples.

Oh, we need a donor … or a fundraiser.  But before that happens we need parental support.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a digital sign??  Let us know.

Strath Haven High School sign

In other news, the Middle School needs a new sign, too.  Who will get one first??

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Benches for High School

A parent recently asked about the cost of those relatively new (last year) benches at the front of the school.  They run about $800 (that includes the plaque that thanks the donor).  Anyway, if you (or you and group of friends) ever find yourself(selves) in the giving mood, please contact our Home and School Association President …

Photograph of shhs girls' indoor track team on benches

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Home and School mtg Thu (May 8)

On the schedule for Thursday’s meeting is a presentation by principal Yannacone summarizing progress towards school goals, plans for next year, and a review of the draft calendar of events.

Afterwards, we’ll have brief summaries of goings-on by representatives of the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 — if you have a kid in one of those grades (likely), please stay and chat and get involved.  We’ll also discuss who might want to help sell ads for the Directory (our biggest fundraiser) … so if you can’t attend but have skills in the selling department, please contact us.  7 pm in the library.

Strath Haven High School Brookhaven entrance

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Principal to give overview of drugs at High School

Photograph by Floome (

Photograph by Floome (

At this week’s Home and School Association meeting (April 10th, 2014), Dr Yannacone will speak on drugs: alcohol, nicotine, heroin, etc.  High School Library at 7 pm.

If you’re on the fence, here are some facts to get you to come:

Pennsylvania has the 3rd highest rate of heroin addicts in the country (behind CA and IL).  Delaware County alone as an estimate 8,000 users (source).

Philadelphia is the number 2 heroin-distribution center in the United States (source).

In 2012, 6.5% of surveyed 12th graders admit to using marijuana daily.  In 1973, THC content of marijuana was approximately 0.74% … through selective breeding it is 6.4% in 2003 (source); some cultivars now top out at 33% THC.  10 years ago, 14% of high school students who have driving licenses admitted to driving while high on marijuana (source).

11% of all the alcohol consumed each year in the United States is by people aged 12-20.  33% of all 8th graders have tried alcohol (source).

E-cig usage in middle school and high school doubled from 2011 to 2012 (10%).  Kids are allowed to buy e-cigs in Pennsylanvia.


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No drugs on Thursday

Apparently, presentation on Thursday will not include comments on drugs at the High School.

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