Files for October HSA meeting

Presentation (PPT) and minutes (PDF) from the October Home and School meeting. Sample graph from Dr Yannacone’s slides is below.



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Files for September HSA meeting

For those of you who missed it, here are Dr Yannacone’s “State of the High School” presentation slides (PPT). And here are the minutes (PDF).


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If you need Guidance, come to Nov 12th H&S meeting

At this Thursday’s Home and School meeting, members of the Guidance Office will provide details on the services they provide (for all years, not just Seniors) and an overview of curriculum and standardized test schedules. After this presentation, parents are invited to stay for the business portion of the meeting (we’ll be voting on Wish List items for teachers, groups). We’ll be starting at 6 pm sharp so that we can wrap up the meeting in time for people to attend Handbag Bingo event.


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Updated schedule for Home and School meetings

11/12- Guidance: Members of the Guidance Office will be present to provide non-class specific services and an overview of curriculum and standardized test schedules.

12/10 – State of the District: Dr. Pladus will be with us to present his view of the district mid year. Be sure to take a break from the busy holiday season and come out to welcome him!

No January Meeting: (rest up)

2/11 – The Ins and Outs of Course Selection and Scheduling: Assistant Principal Andrea LaPira will delve into the intricate process of course selection. It is a complicated process, and attending this event will help you understand how to map out the four years and help your student live up to their greatest potential (and have the required credits to graduate!).

3/10 – Finding the Right Balance in Raising a Teen (plus strategies for looking ahead to Summer): High school age children can be a challenge for a parent. They no longer exist in the world of the child, yet they are not yet ready in the world of an adults. What is the responsible way for parents and guardians to guide and mentor their teens and give them the independence they so often crave? A member of the school Guidance Office will share insights on the teenage years through an informal discussion and provide some ideas as you look ahead to summer and wonder about internship and employment opportunities for your teen.

4/14 – Responding to Diverse Needs—Mental Health Issues in the High School Years: Many mental health issues become emergent once children reach high school age. Attend this meeting to learn about the mental and social challenges faced by students in the school and how Strath Haven staff provides assistance and resources to students in crisis.

5/12 – End of the Year and Preview for 2016-2017 – Dr Yannacone will share her end of the year report, provide reflections on the school year, and share the 2016-2017 calendar.

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Presentation on drugs and alcohol on Oct 8th

At 6:00 pm in the Library Dr Yannacone will talk about the prevalence of drug use among students and the effect these drugs have. For example, she’ll examine how students view the effects of smoking (or eating) pot versus how they view the effects of alcohol use. In addition to having statistics on what is happening at SHHS, Dr Yannacone will compare our school’s situation with others in the area and around the nation. All parents are invited to come and to take part in the discussion that follows. Pot leaves in sky over Strath Haven High School

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State of the High School address by Principal Yannacone

If you missed Dr Yannacone’s State of the School presentation, here are the slides (PDF). The meeting minutes will be available soon.

She’ll be speaking again at the October 8th Home and School meeting (6pm in the Library). The topic will be drugs and alcohol.

Mary Jo Yannacone

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Form for picture day is now downloadable

If your student hasn’t brought home the form for ordering photographs, the school has scanned it and placed the PDF on the Yearbook page: (thanks Mrs Duffy!). Picture days are Monday, September 28 through Wednesday, September 30. You can pay online (our ID is LW885468Y0).


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