Student directories $10 at Homecoming game Friday

If you missed purchasing a directory at Back to School Night, there is still time.  Stop in and see Kelly Caulfield at the Band Spirit Wear Booth at the game tonigth (Oct 17).  $10 each. football-directory

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The Walking Dead starts Sunday!

Here’s the segue, with apologies: the undead plague is probably based on viruses, so please mark the start of the season (and the flu, cold, and Enterovirus 68 seasons) by sending your student in on Monday with a box of tissues or a container of ethanol-based sanitizer to the library (c/o Ms Liacouras). They can write “Team Daryl” or “Team Maggie” (or “compliments of the Jones family”) on the side with a Sharpie. Put it on their backpacks Sunday night so it won’t be forgotten during the chaos of Monday morning.

Zombie sanitizer

By the way, some links that may be of interest:

Enterovirus 68 (CDC)
Cold versus Flu (CDC)

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Oct 9 mtg on Library Resources (please bring anti-disease gifts)

The 7:00 PM Home and School meeting on Thursday will be about Library Resources available to students at Strath Haven High School. Parents should come because most of these resources hadn’t been dreamed up when you were in school, which was a long time ago, to be honest.  You’ll be a vastly better home resource if you know about all the tools, tricks, and apps.

Now about those anti-disease gifts: we would be grateful if you could bring with you a box of tissues and/or container of hand sanitizer as a present for the Library. The Library is a popular destination at school and students use large amounts tissues and sanitizer when they are available, and it is the tradition of the Home and School Association to encourage parents to donate these items. You benefit, of course, because your kid will be less likely to be home sick, missing important tests and playing Flappy Bird all day. If you can’t make the meeting but are on board with the battle against disease transmission, please send your kid in with an offering Thursday or Friday (or any day!).


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Class pages for parents (please join!)

An important part of your child’s high school experience is the parties: Fresh/Soph Hop, Junior Prom, Prom, After Prom, etc.  These and other functions are planned by numerous parent volunteers, and still other parents spend long hours coordinating the fundraisers that help pay for the food, the decorations, and for subsidizing the tickets.

So please Join/Like the Facebook Pages/Groups below to get information about the parties (when, how to buy tickets, what students should wear, etc.) and how to participate in the fundraisers. (All these functions are separate from the SHHS Home and School Association, so if you are signed up to receive Home and School news only, you’ll be missing out on A LOT.)  Thanks!

Class of 2015 (closed Group)
Class of 2016 (Page)
Class of 2017 (open Group)
Class of 2018 (open Group)

These Pages and Groups provide an additional way for everyone to communicate, beyond the emailings from the school (usually sent via June Clifford in the Main Office) and your Grade Reps. The emails will always be important, of course, because there are many parents who do not have Facebook accounts, or who never, ever check them.

By the way, if you are one of those parents in charge of events or fundraising and want June Clifford to send out an email to all the parents in a particular grade, it is best to give her the exact wording for both the subject and the body of the message … asking her to just send a PDF will tend to get a low level of readers (it might get bundled with 5 other fundraisers).

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 2.36.27 PM

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Score a Directory at the football game

If you didn’t buy a SHHS Student Directory at Back to School Night, they will be for sale ($10) at the next two football games: Sept 26 (7:30pm, vs Upper Darby) and Oct 2 (7:00pm, vs Springfield). Talk to Kelly Caulfield at the Band Spirit Wear booth. In related news, a huge thanks to Kelly Caulfield. And, of course, Go Panthers!


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Reminder: Home and School wants your money ($10), tonight

The Strath Haven High School Back to School Night kicks off at 7:00 pm on Thursday, September 18th. Among the usual highlights, you can show support for the Home and School Association by buying a student directory. Make your check out to SHHS Home and School Association, or bring a bill. Just $10: less than two Caramel Mocha Frappuccinos at Starbucks!

And many, many thanks to our volunteer directory editor (Lisa Starr), ad salesperson (Jacki O’Connell), and BTSN sales table associate (Mike Kohut). High five them (or whatever) if you see them tonight. The money raised from the directory will be put to good use throughout the school year. And you’ll get good use out of the directory for years to come.

$10 bill

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Please buy a $10 Directory at September 18th Back-to-School Night

Strath Haven directory 2014Back-to-School Night is Thursday, September 18th at 7:00 PM. Please bring a $10 bill or a check (payable to SHHS Home and School Association) to buy the 2014-2015 Student Directory. In addition to names, phone numbers, and addresses, the Directory is packed full of useful information — even a handy sheet of forms for when your kid is going to be absent. And it is our major fundraiser, so please buy one even if don’t want one (you want one, though). THANKS!!!

If you sent your spouse alone to the event with only $10, please make sure they buy a Directory before they enter lobby area where student clubs are selling freshly-baked brownies and cookies. Or send them with more than $10.

If you’re new to the District and the whole BTSN thing, it’s an opportunity for you to meet your kid’s teachers and hear about course objectives and teaching philosophy. Following the regular schedule of the evening, parents of Seniors are invited to a meeting in the auditorium where counselors will provide details on the post-secondary application process.

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