Presentation on drugs and alcohol on Oct 8th

At 6:00 pm in the Library Dr Yannacone will talk about the prevalence of drug use among students and the effect these drugs have. For example, she’ll examine how students view the effects of smoking (or eating) pot versus how they view the effects of alcohol use. In addition to having statistics on what is happening at SHHS, Dr Yannacone will compare our school’s situation with others in the area and around the nation. All parents are invited to come and to take part in the discussion that follows. Pot leaves in sky over Strath Haven High School

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State of the High School address by Principal Yannacone

If you missed Dr Yannacone’s State of the School presentation, here are the slides (PDF). The meeting minutes will be available soon.

She’ll be speaking again at the October 8th Home and School meeting (6pm in the Library). The topic will be drugs and alcohol.

Mary Jo Yannacone

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Form for picture day is now downloadable

If your student hasn’t brought home the form for ordering photographs, the school has scanned it and placed the PDF on the Yearbook page: (thanks Mrs Duffy!). Picture days are Monday, September 28 through Wednesday, September 30. You can pay online (our ID is LW885468Y0).


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State of the School address by Principal Yannacone

Dr Yannacone will present her yearly, “State of the School” address this Thursday, September 17th at 6:00 pm in the library. To repeat: that’s 6:00 pm (different from last year). She’ll cover the school goals for the year, information on staff changes, recent test score results, and other current issues at the high school. As always, everyone is welcome. And everyone is welcome to stay a tad bit longer for the “business” part of the Home and School Association meeting. Although there might be some actual business (discussion of budget), there is also time for general discussion among parents and guardians, and always opportunities to get involved.

Strath Haven High School marching band

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School directory for sale ($10) at Back-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night is at 7:00pm Thursday, September 10th.  Actually, you should attempt to arrive 6:45ish: parking can be a challenge, finding the correct room is a challenge, and you really, really need to visit the Home and School Welcome Table to buy the 2015-2016 SHHS School Directory. It’s just $10, which is a deal … and goes to support our activities (which is to support the teachers and students). We’ll take check or cash. And buy two if you can (they make great gifts). You should also have some extra cash in case you want to buy a dessert from one of the many student clubs and teams that have tables in hallways. There are often t-shirts and other items available as well.

Strath Haven High School photographJust a reminder: you’ll need to know your child’s schedule before you arrive, so if your child hasn’t provided that to you, log into the portal and print it out. Parents of vocational students should plan to arrive no later than 7:50pm at the Guidance Office (Ms Smith will provide schedules for blocks three and four). Also, guidance counselors will host a meeting immediately following Back-to-School Night for parents of seniors to review procedures for applying to post-secondary programs and for completing any necessary testing.

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Concussion article in New York Times

If your kid is doing a sport this fall, there’s a nice article in the New York Times on concussions: “Concussions can occur in all youth sports.” There’s apparently going to be another article next week. Please also see “Concussion guidelines“, a post from last year.


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Strath Haven High School 2015-2016 Home and School Association Meeting Themes

Typically, we hold our meetings on the second Thursday of each month (except January). Please note! This year in an attempt to accommodate parents being able to attend concerts and sports activities meetings will begin at 6 pm in the SHHS library (one flight down from the Providence Road entrance or one flight up from the Brookhaven side.) The thematic discussion will open our meetings, followed by a Principal’s report and then the Home and School business meeting. Join us for all or part of the meeting. Below are the themes which will be updated in the coming days! Look to the Home and School website for recaps of meetings or other information. You can access it from the High School Website by clicking on “About SHHS”, and selecting “SHHS Home and School”.

9/17 – State of the High School: Every year Dr. Yannacone and her staff set goals for the school year. We’ll kick off the year hearing her share these goals with us, in addition to providing information on staff changes, recent test score results and other goings-on at our school. Please join us at 5:30 for light refreshments with the meeting beginning at 6:00 pm. [Sept-2014 PPT]

10/8 – October Academic Resources: We have tremendous resources for both students and those raising them. You’ll be amazed by the depth of our library offerings. Learn ways for your student to be a better researcher, be proactive in college planning, or get a boost with the dreaded testing. Guest speaker Sandie Liacouras from our Library will join us. [OCT HSA Attachments; SHHS HSA 2014 OCT Minutes]

11/12- Guidance: Members of the Guidance Staff will be with us to provide non-class specific services and an overview of curriculum. [Nov 2014 HSA Agenda & Treasurer’s report; Nov 2014 HSA Wish List; SHHS HSA 2014 NOV Minutes; Nov 14 HSA Guid dept PPT]

12/10 – State of the District: Dr. Noonan will be with us presenting again for us! He will bring us thoughts and ideas on the State of the District. Be sure to take a break from holiday planning and come out and welcome him! Please note the change in start time. This has been changed to accommodate parents with participants in the Middle School Winter Concert.

No January Meeting: (rest up)

2/ 11 – The Ins and Outs of Course Selection and Scheduling: Assistant Principal Andrea LaPira will talk about course selection, mapping out the four years and how to be helpful to your student. [minutes: SHHS HSA FEB 2015 15 Minutes]

3/10 – Drugs and Alcohol: A concern for all parents especially as we begin the Spring Prom Season. Dr. Yannacone will talk about how the concerns of all of us and how we can work together to keep our students safe, especially during the spring prom season. [minutes: HSA Minutes MARCH 2015, presentation: navigating-hs-drugs-3-12-15; handouts: Casual marijuana use linked to brain abnormalities, How cannabis causes paranoia, Deadly High: How synthetic drugs are killing kids, Family strategies for prevention of adolescent drug use, WSSD Policy 227]

4/14 – Finding the Right Balance in Raising a Teen and strategies for looking ahead to Summer: High schoolers can be surprisingly mature and then immature all in the same day. One minute you’re proud of them and the next minute you wish you could still put them in a “time out” chair. What is the responsible way for parents and guardians to guide and mentor their teens and give them the independence they so often crave? A member of the school Guidance Office will share insights on the teenage years through an informal discussion and provide some ideas as you look ahead to summer and wonder about opportunities for your teen. Presentation slides: summer-opportunities-2015-APR-9

5/12 – End of the Year and Preview for 2016-2017 – Dr Yannacone will share her end of the year report, provide reflections on the school year and share the 2015-2016 calendar.

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