Staying on top of school news and events

If your child spaces out during the day, he or she might not hear important announcements about tests, clubs, games, and parties.  If you are the type of parent who likes to be informed about school goings-on, there are several ways to keep up to date.  The easiest is to regularly check the grey “Announcements” column on the left-hand side of the SHHS website.  Many of the urgent announcements are titled, but the “Daily News” (a PDF) has a summary of most everything a student needs to know about for that day. Note that these announcements rarely go home with your child like they might have in elementary or middle school — it’s all paperless at Strath Haven, so you’ll need a paperless strategy to stay current.

rss-buttonIf you’re too busy to remember to check the page, there are a few tricks.  If you use online calendars, you can easily program in a daily reminder to check the page for announcements (the reminder can provide the URL, so all you do is click).  Another way is to click on the RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed button (shown at right) at the bottom of the Announcements panel. Take the URL on the resulting page and add it to your RSS feed reader (if you have one) on your computer or smart phone.  Some mail programs will also accept RSS feeds so that newly posted announcements show up in your mailbox.  For example, if you use Apple Mail, just go to “Add RSS Feeds…” under the File menu).  An additional option is to use an RSS-to-email converter website such as Blogtrottr, Feedmyinbox, Feedamail, RSS-FWD, feed43 — these services deliver updates to your inbox each day.


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