Principal Yannacone’s presentation on student life

At the October 11th Home and School Association meeting, Dr MaryJo Yannacone presented a well-attended lecture entitled, “Navigating the high school years: life outside the classroom.”  She summarized information on how to keep kids physically and mentally safe, the results of last year’s Senior Survey, and resources for parents.  She also provided a handout about the effects of marijuana on teens versus adults (IQ drops permanently for teens but not adult users, FYI). If you were there but would like to visit the websites she mentioned, here they are:, National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse, and The Mentor Foundation’s Adolescent Brain Booklet.  Full presentation (3-page PDF) can be  downloaded here; handy list of 12 things the involved parent should be doing is on slide 16.

Please don’t forget that all parents are invited to the Home and School meetings…schedule is here. All meetings start off with presentations for parents, then conclude with Home and School meeting proper (you’re welcome to stay for that, too).  Please come!


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