Desperately seeking bench donors

Strath Haven High School has over 1,200 students but few places for them to sit outside, especially when parents, grandparents, and friends come for school functions.  The Home and School Association purchased two metal benches (details) in the Fall of 2011 for the Providence Road side of the building, but to make the area more welcoming and functional, our Grounds & Greens committee has developed a long-range dream of planting three benches at each of the three locations marked in the photograph below.

Bench locations at Strath Haven High SchoolHowever, these benches are not cheap: $746.31 each (that’s why it’s a long-range goal). Buying (1) bench per year would give us our dream entrance by 2021.  But if we could find a generous donor who feels sorry for all the students who have to sit on the hard pavement until then, $6716.79 would buy all nine right now, ready for Spring 2013.  If you might be interested in pitching in and donating a bench or part of a bench, please contact Sara McCullough, the current Home and School Association president.  What’s in it for you?  In addition to other venues of thanks and a nice metal plaque attached to a bench, we’d like to use this website to feature a photograph of your kid(s) or grandkid(s) on the bench with you.  If your kids find it deeply embarrassing to be seen with you, we could instead take a photograph of just your kids with their cool friends.  Donations would be to a 503(c)(3) organization, so your gift would be tax-deductible.


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