Seeking host families for musicians in January

The Strath Haven High School Instrumental Music Department is hosting the 2013 PMEA District 12 Orchestra Festival, and is looking for families willing to open their homes to the approximately 110 students traveling from Delaware, Chester, and Philadelphia Counties for the January 10-12 event.  Don’t worry, not all 110 would stay with you – the idea is to spread them out.  Full details are in the Letter to Hosts (PDF).

If you might be interested but want further details, please contact Scott Kiehner, who has volunteered to coordinate housing for our visitors, or Linnette Reilly, the Home and School Association’s Rep for the Instrumental and Choral Departments. Either of these people can put you in touch with people who hosted 4 years ago – it’s fun!

If you’re ready to sign up, fill this out: Host Family Agreement Form (PDF).


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