Tissues and hand sanitizers, stat!

Mrs. Deborah Sweeney, the SHHS Nurse, is trying to equip all rooms with multiple hand sanitizers and tissues, and would be grateful if each child could bring in at least one of each. If you’d like to be a hero, bring in a whole carton or pallet of them. Drop off whatever you can spare to the Main Office on the 3rd floor (Providence Road entrance).

Having these items on hand can greatly reduce student infection rate (evidence; more evidence, even more), and thus helps minimize the number of days your child will be home sick, rotting his/her brain on television all day — it’s worth the price of some good hand sanitizer.  Email Mrs Sweeney at dsweeney@wssd.org if you have questions.  Thanks!

Hand sanitizer and tissues image

In related news:

  1. Full recommendations for schools are available at the PA Dept of Health.
  2. For those interested in difference between cold and flu, this page (Centers for Disease Control) is helpful.
  3. CDC also maintains a map of flu outbreaks by state. Google’s Flu Trends map is based on how many people are search for “flu” and for symptoms caused by flu.
  4. December 2-8 is National Flu Vaccine Week! Take a date!

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