Dec 13th meeting on library and curriculum

Our next Home and School Association meeting is at 7:00 PM on December 13th.  Sandra Liacouras will give a presentation on the (amazing) Library resources that are available to students, and Principal Yannacone will review the high school curriculum and highlight some recent innovations in teaching.  Each presentation will be approximately 15 minutes, with some time at the end of each for a few questions.  If you can’t attend or didn’t get to ask your burning question, much of the information is available online at the Library website and in the Silver Guide (PDF of curriculum); you can also email them at and, respectively.

Everyone is also welcome to stay for the “business” part of the meeting that starts at 8:00 PM. Home and School Association officers and committee chairs will summarize school goings-on and discuss initiatives.  All parents are invited to stay for this portion, but as always there is no obligation.

All attendees are asked to sign in on one of the attendance sheets circulating around the room on clipboards.  Oh, and if you have a spare bottle of hand sanitizer or box of tissues you might be able to bring with you, our Wellness chair would be delighted to collect and deliver them to the school nurse, Mrs. Deborah Sweeney, who would really, really like to have a bigger supply for use in classrooms (she doesn’t have a budget for these things).  No need to wrap them, but you can if you are feeling festive.

Strath Haven High School photograph


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