Student Emergency Team needs help!

Sticker for CPR-AED trainingIn case you didn’t know, some of the students at the High School are trained to deal with emergencies both in the school and in the community.  These students want to get additional training and are looking for financial support for the needed coursework.  If you might be interested in sponsoring a student, please contact Dan Zimmerman (Photography Teacher, Student Emergency Team Sponsor) or Sara McCullough (SHHS Home and School President).  Below are the details from Mr Zimmerman:

Nine years ago I started a Student Emergency Team here at the high school. There were two students that first year. They were both volunteer firemen. They would help where needed during fire drills. The number of students, along with their involvement, has grown tremendously in the ensuing years.

Now we have 11 students. They have been trained to handle evacuations, medical situations, and are available for major incidents. They were on call during the last two hurricanes and during the first one they contacted and personally checked on the elderly and disabled in the district. We are quite proud of them and feel secure with their help.

Let me get to the point. We have an opportunity to get specialized training for them that would include the latest CPR/AED protocols, Choking, Trauma, Shock, Wound Care, Oxygen Administration, and many other facets of acute medical response. This training would be tailored to the high school scene and would be of benefit to all who use our facilities. It does, however, involve costs for the instructors, books, and equipment. The cost for each student would be $60. We are looking at training a total of 12 students. I would like for us to be able to provide this training free to the students as a thank you for their continuing service to the school and district. They put in a lot of hours and receive nothing for their service other than the satisfaction of knowing they have done a good job

This is where you come in. Would you sponsor 1, 2, or more students in this worthwhile endeavor?

What can you expect in return?

1. A very nice certificate that identifies you as an Emergency Team Sponsor

2. Listing on a card in our display case where photographs of the training will be displayed in March. This is in our main lobby.

3. Mention in our report to the School Board on our training.

4. Our continued and sincere thanks!

5. The knowledge that you have made a difference.

Please join me in this great opportunity.

Dan Zimmermann
SHHS Student Emergency Team Sponsor


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