Four new benches donated to SHHS

The SHHS Home and School Association would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the donors of the four (4!) new benches gracing the Providence Road entrance area.  Three benches are situated under the school awning, and the fourth joins two existing benches (purchased by the Home and School Association last year) near the road.

New benches donated to Strath Haven High School

The following families provided the benches (text in bold appears on the plaque):

  1. “Dirienzi, Forbes, and Kohute Families”
  2. “In memory of Frank Brown, SHHS swim coach 1982-2006” (from a group of Delaware County Community College employees, organized by Christine Kohute)
  3. “The Fischer Family”
  4. “From the Families of Bowling Green” (Burk, Donoghue, Donohue-Henry, Forbes, Geosits, Griesmer-Katcher, Hirst, Huff-Cairncross, Jordan-Diefenbach, Karazin, Moulton-Silverstein, Murphy, Pennoni, Prince, Thorbahn-Salsbury, White, and Ziring families)

Please give the benches a try, and join us in thanking these families for durable gifts that will keep on giving for decades. We’ll post photographs of the donors (or their children) sitting in the benches soon.

Cast aluminum bench plaques for benches

Want even more details?  Please see the previous pleas for benches.


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