Fundraisers for your child’s class

If you haven’t written a check for your child’s class lately, you probably need some links:

Class of 2013 (seniors)
Class of 2014 (juniors)
Class of 2015 (sophomores)
Class of 2016 (freshmen)

Each of the pages above will (or should) have details, forms, and links for all current and future fundraising activities that support events like Proms, After Proms, and After After Proms (OK, that last one is made up).  As always, if you don’t want to participate in a fundraiser but do want your child to have a nice party, you can write a check directly to the activity coordinator (ask the fundraiser coordinator for details).  Note that parents of Juniors can also stay up to date by liking “SHHS Parents of 2014” on Facebook. Also please note that these various fundraisers are separate from the SHHS Home and School Association: it has just one fundraiser, the Directory sales (and we have some left if you’re interested).

[If you are in charge of a fundraiser and don’t see it listed on the above pages, send June Clifford the details.]

After prom


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