Missed a Home and School Association meeting?

Attending a Home and School meeting lets you hear from the teachers and administrators who are central to your child’s High School experience, and also lets you meet other parents who might have insights on how to navigate parenthood (there are, it turns out, some tricks).  It’s why the Home and School Association convenes monthly meetings and invite speakers — we want all parents to feel involved, and we know that simply getting 10 emails per week is not going to fully explain what we should all be doing.  But if for some reason you couldn’t attend on a night that interested you (life happens), we maintain an archive of goings-on under the Meeting & Events menu (above), organized by year.  In case you don’t want to click the links to navigate there, below are the topics to date, with associated minutes and PDFs of presentations.

“State of the High School”
by Principal Yannacone [2012-09-13-shhs-has-minutes; 2012-09-13-shhs-has-presentation]

“Navigating the High School years:  life outside the classroom”
by Principal Yannacone [2012-10-11-shhs-hsa-minutes; 2012-10-11-shhs-hsa-presentation]

“Academic resources” 
by Dr Roberta Winemiller [shhs-hsa-2012-nov-8; shhs-hsa-2012-nov-8-naviance]

“Library resources”
by Sandra Liacouras [shhs-hsa-2012-dec-13-library; shhs-hsa-2012-dec-13-minutes ]

“The ins and outs of course selection and scheduling”
by Assistant Principal Andrea LaPira.  Come back soon — our Secretaries are typing up the minutes and getting the presentation from the speaker.

Topics for remaining meetings this Spring are all set, and we hope to see you there.  Another reason to come is to know how to help — there are dozens of opportunities to volunteer and stay involved in the school — if you can organize events (and parents), set up Facebook pages, garden, bake, etc., there are people who want your help. (If you still are unsure of what the Home and School Association is all about, here are the details.)

Home and School meeting


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