Lost and Found at the High School

If you feel like you are buying new wardrobes for your child more frequently than they deserve, it might be because they are leaving everything at the High School.  When these items are found they end up in large piles in the Main Office (Providence Road entrance on 3rd floor), in the Attendance Office (1st floor), and inside the Boys and Girls Locker rooms (they are separate rooms, don’t worry).  Of course, sorting through these piles of clothing is your child’s responsibility, but just in case you can incentivize them to do that, please do so quickly — all items will be donated to charity at the end of the year. You can nudge them by sending them the link to this page, for example. There will also be an album on Facebook for them to look through, so you can send them there, too.  Note that this photo gallery will never happen again — it’s just here this time to shock parents into how much is left at the school and where it accumulates.  In the future, if you lose something please contact anyone in the Main Office, or send an email to June Clifford describing the item. If you’d like to come into the school and look through a box for an item, please stop by.


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One Response to Lost and Found at the High School

  1. Contact June Clifford at above email, or Lynn Goslee at lgoslee@wssd.org. Let us know if we can help reunite you.

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