Meeting on March 14th to discuss teens

The next Home and School Association (HSA) meeting is Thursday, March 14 at 7 pm in the High School library (that’s on the 2nd floor, if this will be your first visit).  As per usual, your friendly HSA folks have invited somebody at the High School to speak on a topic of general interest, and this one is “teenagers.”  We all have one.  Or more.  And we all could use some advice even though we were teens ourselves several years ago.  So members of the Guidance Office will share some insights and give hints on what teens should be doing during the summer.  Anyone attending can ask questions if they feel so moved.  This discussion will wrap up at around 7:45 pm so that your friendly HSA people can conduct a few items of business and then get home to their teens, left at home, alone.  As always, we would love for parents to join us for these items — there will be an update on filling vacant HSA positions for next year (interested?), and super-brief reports from class representatives and committee chairs.  If you want to know what’s going on in your teen’s life, staying for this “business” portion is the most efficient way.

Strath Haven High School photograph


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