Staff Appreciation Luncheon would appreciate some help

teacher-appreciation-lunchIn case you didn’t know, the Home and School Association throws an appreciation party each Spring for the High School staff, and part of the process is hitting up parents for food donations and for help on the day itself, May 3rd.  (You know where this is going…right?)  Our SAL chair, Anne Campanella, has set up a SignUpGenius page to facilitate contributions, and if you have ducked your duties so far, please give it a click — the page is broken down by grade level.  For example, if you have a senior, you sign up to drop off a dessert before 8 am on May 3rd. When signing up, you can leave a note about what you’re planning to bring, or even a comment about how nice it is for Anne to organize this event (or both).  If you are not sure which grade your child is in, just sign up for a dessert…those parents have senioritis, and we’d love to get all the slots filled ASAP.  Thanks, parents!


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