Staying current on High School goings on

SHHS Art Department on FacebookWith apologies to all those noble people who do not use Facebook, I wanted to highlight a great Facebook page: SHHS Art Department.  It has photographs of student art, competitions for students to enter, and details about must-see events in the local art scene.  You should Like the Page if your child is involved in any way in the Art Department, but also if you want to get a sense of the High School itself — it’s fantastic window into a great school.  But more broadly, web pages like the Art Department’s will increasingly be a great way to know what your kid might be up to in school even if he/she is not especially communicative at home about anything.  For a fairly comprehensive listing of webpages (departments, teams, clubs, etc.), please visit the Links page (above menu), though many are not updated and some are for students only.

On the topic of Facebook … non-users might want to know that some of the class-specific organizing is done via Facebook Pages and Groups, so if you have this feeling that you’re missing out on important news all the time, that might be why (there may be other explanations, of course).


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