Finding forms on the High School website

Most of you have probably noticed that the high school has gone green (yay!) and doesn’t send home paper forms and flyers with students at the beginning of the year.  That means parents are tasked with finding the proper forms and then printing them at home (which erases the green benefit, by the way, if you’re keeping track).  The trick to finding the forms is knowing that there are two separate Forms pages at the High School:

Location A: Click on “Forms” in Quicklinks panel (left-hand side of website).  This page has lots of forms, but doesn’t contain the PDF that explains which forms your kid actually needs.  For example, do you really need to fill out an Internet permission form if you filled one out last year and you haven’t changed your mind?  Same for the Acceptable Use form? Do I need to register my daughter with military, or just my son?

Location B: Click on “Our School” tab, then click “Back to School Information and Forms” (don’t click on the Forms link!).  This page has the Welcome Letter that explains which forms you should actually download, fill out, and send in with your child. You might need to go to Location A to find the forms, however.

If you have any questions about the forms, refer to the PDF at the top of the “Back to School Information and Forms” — there are phone numbers for all the important people.

Yes, the above is confusing.  It’s partly a consequence of filing rather important pages under the “Our School” tab, which rather sounds like a page where the facilities and school mascot are to be described in detail.  The other reason it’s confusing is because the Middle School files online forms in a completely different spot. In an ideal world, all five schools would standardize (!).




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