Library secrets at Oct 10th HSA mtg

The October 10th Home and School Association meeting will feature a presentation by school librarian, Sandie Liacouras, on all the physical and digital resources that can help your kid during high school.  Among the featured items: books for Kindles, language help via Mango, homework hotline, free SAT/PSAT/ACT tests/tips, and much more.  Many of these resources are underutilized by kids partly because parents don’t know about them.  So come get informed (and get all the needed passwords) so you more effectively nudge your child toward greatness.  Please glance at the library website if you’d like to see what’s in store for the evening.  Presentation starts at 7 pm and will last 30 minutes (ish).  After the presentation, the HSA will have a brief discussion of ways parents can help out in the weeks to come — everyone coming for the library presentation is invited to stay and give their 2 cents.  Parents who haven’t yet purchased the Phone Directory are also encouraged to give $10 — we’ll have plenty of copies on hand.

Sandra Liacouras

UPDATE: topics will include the (new) Destiny Resource Management, Zinio, and PowerLibrary.


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