Principal to give overview of drugs at High School

Photograph by Floome (

Photograph by Floome (

At this week’s Home and School Association meeting (April 10th, 2014), Dr Yannacone will speak on drugs: alcohol, nicotine, heroin, etc.  High School Library at 7 pm.

If you’re on the fence, here are some facts to get you to come:

Pennsylvania has the 3rd highest rate of heroin addicts in the country (behind CA and IL).  Delaware County alone as an estimate 8,000 users (source).

Philadelphia is the number 2 heroin-distribution center in the United States (source).

In 2012, 6.5% of surveyed 12th graders admit to using marijuana daily.  In 1973, THC content of marijuana was approximately 0.74% … through selective breeding it is 6.4% in 2003 (source); some cultivars now top out at 33% THC.  10 years ago, 14% of high school students who have driving licenses admitted to driving while high on marijuana (source).

11% of all the alcohol consumed each year in the United States is by people aged 12-20.  33% of all 8th graders have tried alcohol (source).

E-cig usage in middle school and high school doubled from 2011 to 2012 (10%).  Kids are allowed to buy e-cigs in Pennsylanvia.



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