Strath Haven High School needs a new sign, badly

Strath Haven High School has two signs along Providence Road, and once upon a time they were cutting edge — they had light bulbs inside!  But now they are dark at night and the plastic has weathered into a nasty beige.  More importantly, the lettering is a complete pain to change when it’s 10 °F and snowing.  As you probably noticed, most schools went to digital signs years ago, and it’s probably time for us to make the switch, too.  Really, folks, it’s embarrassing.  Perhaps a solar powered LED sign?  Here are some examples.

Oh, we need a donor … or a fundraiser.  But before that happens we need parental support.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a digital sign??  Let us know.

Strath Haven High School sign

In other news, the Middle School needs a new sign, too.  Who will get one first??


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7 Responses to Strath Haven High School needs a new sign, badly

  1. writingthecollegeessay says:

    Good thought, Colin, but I would caution about the issue of design. Many of the school signs look almost indistinguishable from overly large strip mall or fast food signs. Let’s be careful about aesthetics and message. Reisa

    • Yes, I’m not suggesting we get a cheesy sign. If I got to choose (ha!), it would be sign that could only do letters that look like current sign, and few people would know it’s been replaced. Tasteful digital signs are certainly sold … I don’t understand why schools don’t opt for them. If you see one you like, please send me a photograph.

  2. Amerium says:

    Yes. What would a new sign cost?

  3. Eric Behrens says:

    Of all the things I worry about Strath Haven, a sign isn’t even on the list.

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