Getting updates on goings on at High School

Just in case you didn’t get the memo, don’t forget to read the Strath Haven High School Daily News for important dates and reminders. E.g., freshman football players should report for concussion pre-tests in 5th Block today (Friday, September 5th). And Band Front members should be at King Field at 5:50 pm tonight.  An image version of the September 5th issue is displayed below to give you a sense of what you might be missing. I’m told these announcements are made on the school PA system … but not all kids are actually listening.

Ideally, the school would automatically send this PDF each day (better: the night before) to the parents who so desire, but until that happens you’ll need to just check the website ( manually and then scroll to Announcements. (Yes, sadly, all the important information at the High School is placed below the slide show, below the fold.) Alternatively, you can use an RSS-to-email service like … and it will email you when the announcements are posted (that’s what I use).





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