Oct 9 mtg on Library Resources (please bring anti-disease gifts)

The 7:00 PM Home and School meeting on Thursday will be about Library Resources available to students at Strath Haven High School. Parents should come because most of these resources hadn’t been dreamed up when you were in school, which was a long time ago, to be honest.  You’ll be a vastly better home resource if you know about all the tools, tricks, and apps.

Now about those anti-disease gifts: we would be grateful if you could bring with you a box of tissues and/or container of hand sanitizer as a present for the Library. The Library is a popular destination at school and students use large amounts tissues and sanitizer when they are available, and it is the tradition of the Home and School Association to encourage parents to donate these items. You benefit, of course, because your kid will be less likely to be home sick, missing important tests and playing Flappy Bird all day. If you can’t make the meeting but are on board with the battle against disease transmission, please send your kid in with an offering Thursday or Friday (or any day!).



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