Guidance Department at Nov 13th Home and School Mtg (7pm; BYOT/S)

At Thursday’s HSA meeting, the Dr Winemiller from the Guidance Department will be talking about … the Guidance Department! If you don’t know what the Guidance Department does, click on some of the links below to get a taste. The presentation is not just for parents/guardians of juniors and seniors … so everyone is encouraged to come.

Flu droplets from sneezing

It being late Fall, this is a BYOT/BYOS event: bring a box of tissues or container of sanitizer with you, to donate to the school. Science (!) has shown that saturating schools and workplaces with tissues and hand sanitizer can decrease disease transmission rates, which could translate into your kid being at school more. Infections aren’t just annoying: they decrease kids’ academic performance. And if you are loading them up with flu and cold remedies and sending them to school anyway, some of those drugs also have negative effects on cognitive ability (the fine print, usually). So keep your kids free of diseases by bringing in some gifts for the school. Thanks!


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