Copples Lane alert for AM drivers

If you are on Copples Lane at S. Providence Road, there’s a white sign that prohibits left turns during the morning hours when schools are starting. But what if you want to drive ACROSS S. Providence Road to the High School Driveway during morning rush-hour?

In a common scenario, a friendly car driving south on South Providence Road might allow you to cross, but then cars behind that car decide to pull around on the right (without slowing down), assuming perhaps that the first car has stopped in order to make a turn (which happens a lot). Those passing cars can hit you if you optimistically dart across two lanes of traffic. They can also hit students who might be walking along the side of the road (though they shouldn’t be walking there, of course). There are several other scenarios that demonstrate why darting across S Providence Road is dangerous. Those scenarios actually happen every morning.Darting across to the High School is dangerous.

So the sign really should say, “Right turn only” during the school starting hours. It’s only a signage oversight that makes the darting legal.

But it’s so convenient! And everyone is busy and it’s true, people have been darting across that road in the morning for decades. But if you can, please drop your kids off at the Middle School and have them use the crosswalk. It really is not a long walk for them, and they probably need the exercise.

Darting across S Providence Road


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