School directory for sale ($10) at Back-to-School Night

Back-to-School Night is at 7:00pm Thursday, September 10th.  Actually, you should attempt to arrive 6:45ish: parking can be a challenge, finding the correct room is a challenge, and you really, really need to visit the Home and School Welcome Table to buy the 2015-2016 SHHS School Directory. It’s just $10, which is a deal … and goes to support our activities (which is to support the teachers and students). We’ll take check or cash. And buy two if you can (they make great gifts). You should also have some extra cash in case you want to buy a dessert from one of the many student clubs and teams that have tables in hallways. There are often t-shirts and other items available as well.

Strath Haven High School photographJust a reminder: you’ll need to know your child’s schedule before you arrive, so if your child hasn’t provided that to you, log into the portal and print it out. Parents of vocational students should plan to arrive no later than 7:50pm at the Guidance Office (Ms Smith will provide schedules for blocks three and four). Also, guidance counselors will host a meeting immediately following Back-to-School Night for parents of seniors to review procedures for applying to post-secondary programs and for completing any necessary testing.

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