About Us

The Strath Haven High School Home and School Association was initiated as a forum for parents and guardians to learn more about the academics, extracurricular activities, and social life at Strath Haven High School and for the administration to seek informal input on school issues related to those aspects of school and community lives.  The Strath Haven High School Home and School Association is organized and operated to foster the education of the Strath High School students and contribute to a positive school community.

Our objectives:
  1. promoting a better understanding among parents and guardians, teachers, administrators, and community by fostering open, two-way communication;
  2. presenting to parents and teachers through public meetings and study groups an opportunity to learn about topics of interest or concern to them;
  3. sharing with the Wallingford –Swarthmore Board of School Directors issues of interest or concern to the members of the Association;
  4. promoting the education and enjoyment of the school community by sponsoring special events, and;
  5. supporting and improving the school community by providing financial assistance for special programs and projects with emphasis on projects that will have the greatest positive impact.

For further information, please refer to our bylaws (PDF) and our conflict of interests statement (PDF).

If the term “Home and School” is new to you, it is like a Parent Teacher Association except it is not affiliated with the National PTA, an organization based in Chicago that requires yearly dues.

Strath Haven High School photograph