Board Positions / Contact

Suzy Hoyle

Linda Martin

Jennifer Lyons

Sharon Graham

Website/social media/calendar/newsletter

Directory Editor
Lori Markusfeld

Directory Ads
Lori Markusfeld

Directory Sales
Laurie McLeod Weber

Grounds & Greens
Val McLaughlin

Hospitality / Staff Luncheon
Annette Bushman

Nurse’s Office Purchasing
Anne Campanella

Below are the class reps for each graduating class. These volunteers are responsible for working with the class advisors (teachers at the High School) to raise money toward their class’ junior prom, senior prom, and senior celebration.

Class of 2017 Reps
Lori Markusfeld
Colleen Stellabotte
Christine Brennan
Cheryl Fox

Class of 2018 Reps
Lee Seaman
Annette Bushman
Kelly Caufield

Class of 2019 Reps
Tara Irey
Nika Haase
Marj Hatzell 

Class of 2020 Reps
Ani Diakatos
Kim Pizzirusso
Mary Huff