2016-17 Meeting Schedule

Except for the first meeting of the year, we will meet on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 6 pm in order to make it easier for parents to be present and still have time to attend concerts and sporting events. Location is always the SHHS library (one flight down from the Providence Road entrance; one flight up from the Brookhaven entrance). A thematic discussion/presentation will open our meetings, followed often by a Principal’s report, and then the Home and School business meeting.

We welcome everyone. Meetings really help parents stay informed about the wide range of topics that are being handled by staff, faculty, and students at the high school. Please join us!

9/13 (Tuesday) State of the High School — Every year, Dr Yannacone and her staff set goals for the school year. We’ll kick off the year with her sharing these goals with us, in addition to providing information on staff changes, recent test score results, and other current issues at our school. [ sept-2016-minutes (pdf); sept-2016-yannacone (ppt) ]

10/13  Drugs and Alcohol — Dr Yannacone will talk about the impact of at-risk behaviors on our school community. We will also have representatives from the local police department to share their perspective. This important topic concerns of all of us and there will be discussion of how we can work together to keep our students safe in a world of many external pressures. This is of special importance because Homecoming Weekend takes place this month.

11/10  Meet our new Superintendant — Dr Lisa Palmer will be here to present her view of the district.

 (No December meeting: enjoy your holiday!)

1/12  School Culture — Assistant Principals Kristopher Brown and Thomas McLaughlin will present information about school culture including wellness initiatives such as the mindfulness program, current work towards our goal of a revised policy on academic integrity, and positive approaches to student discipline.

2/9  The Ins and Outs of Course Selection and Scheduling — Assistant Principal Andrea LaPira will delve into the intricate process of course selection. It is a complicated process, and attending this event will help you understand how to map out the four years and help your student live up to their greatest potential (and have the required credits to graduate!).

3/9  Guidance — Members of the Guidance Staff will be with us to provide information on non-class specific services and an overview of curriculum and standardized test schedules. They will also provide some ideas as you look ahead to summer and wonder about internship and employment opportunities for your teen.

4/6  Cyber Safety and School Safety — Dr Yannacone will present information regarding school safety procedures in place at the high school, and members of the local police force will present community safety issues and important cyber safety information.

5/11  End of the Year and Preview of 2018-19 — Dr Yannacone will share her end of the year report, provide reflections on the school year, and share the 2017-2018 calendar.