Support / Wish List

The revenue to fund high school teacher and administration projects in support of a strong and vibrant academic community like those listed in the wish list below comes primarily from Directory sales and advertisements in the Directory.   If you are interested in supporting a specific need and/or project for this academic year from the wish list below, please contact Suzy Hoyle, our High School Home and School President.  We are happy to match specific parent and/or donor interests with immediate academic needs at the high school. If you have questions about any of the items and want to get in touch with the relevant teacher, she can set that up, too. Thank you!

Wish List (in no particular order)

  1. High quality speakers for 8 language classrooms. To play sources available on the internet including native speakers of the language. Low quality of current speakers interferes with listening. Also used for the AP language exams. (Foreign Language Department, approx $1,192)
  2. Webcam (see details).  To facilitate Skype use for off-site interviews with college admissions counselors. (Guidance Department, approx $35)
  3. Hominid skulls for anthropology (see details).  For teaching about human evolution. (Social Studies Department, approx $2,098)
  4. Sports equipment for clubs.  For intramural flag football and basketball programs.  (Athletic Department, approx $650)
  5. Digital SLR camera.  College board requires digital portfolio submissions.  Would support students applying to fine arts programs.  Digital photos will also be used by the Fine Arts Department in presentations and publications.    (Art and Fine Arts Departments, approx $800)
  6. iPad stylus pens (see details). Facilitate student note-taking. 50% discount at Best Buy with bulk purchase of 30 pens or more.  Demonstration offered at Home and School  (Math Department, approx $450 for 20 pens)
  7. Automated External Defibrillator (see details).  For the second floor.  Currently have AEDs on the third floor, in cafeteria, and in the gymnasium (soon).    (Nurse’s Office, approx $1,700)
  8. Cation-exchange resin column (500 g, analytical grade) (see details).  Can be used to ID, quantify, and isolate ions that are components of other components. For use in AP Chemistry classes. (Science Department, approx $651
  9. Econo-Pac Chromatography Columns (see details). For use with cation-exchange columns described above (Science Department, approx $130)
  10. Canon FS40 camcorders (see details).  For video analysis of high-speed motion.  Need equipment that allows manual setting of shutter speed to 1/500 sec to freeze frames for data collection and analysis in Physics classes.   (Science Department, approx $600)
  11. Vernier Projectile Launchers (see details). Allows for indoor and controlled conditions projectile experiments in Physics classes.  (Science Department, approx $580)
  12. PASCO 2.2 m Dynamics Track Systems (see details).  Five additional systems (to make 6 total) would allow for more and better hands-on laboratory explorations by students. (Science Department, approx $1,425)
  13. 3-D printer parts.  Student independent project to design and build a 3-D printer. Will then donate to the robotics class and team.  (approx $600)